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What is RJMT?

The Research Journal of Mathematics and Technology is a printed version of selected articles from the Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology (eJMT:, which will be published semi-annually in June and December of each year. The aims and scope, areas of Interests, and submission guidelines are identical to those at eJMT. We state the areas of Interest as follows:


The purpose of this journal is to provide those readers who would like to read articles in print when internet may not be available at the time. Therefore, RJMT is to complement and enhance the needs of the eJMT, where we encourage readers to experiment and discover mathematics when supplementary electronic files are available.

Areas of Interest

The eJMT has four basic areas of interest:

  • Trend 1: Research in Mathematics and its Applications and Mathematics Education with Technology
  • Trend 2: Instruction in Mathematics and its Applications with Technology
  • Trend 3: Learning in Mathematics and its Applications and Mathematics Education with Technology
  • Trend 4: Newly Emerging Technologies and Mathematical Fields

All articles published at this RJMT have to be peer-reviewed by the editorial process of eJMT and published at eJMT first. The selection process will be determined by the editorial board.

Use of the Contents of the Site

You may view or download the contents of the Site for non-commercial purposes in compliance with copyright law and Mathematics and Technology, LLC statement on the site. For commercial use (such as: copy, download, store, print or download through electronic system, send, convert, rent, demonstrate, disseminate and publish to distribute any content in any way, or create content-related derivative products), you must obtain written permission from Mathematics and Technology, LLC, and indicate the source and the copyright reserved by Mathematics and Technology, LLC. You can send written application to Mathematics and Technology, LLC, PO Box 215, Welcome, NC 27374-0215 USA. Alternatively, you may send your inquires to `'. Without the express, written permission of Mathematics and Technology, LLC, you may not copy or mirror any contents in the Site on any other servers.


We would like to thank Beijing Normal University, China for making this RJMT available during 2012-2023.

Starting from June 2024 : We will make the printed version available to the public for non-commercial use.